Who We Are and Our Mission

SPECTRUMam (Spectrum AsbestosMold):


Spectrum has been in business since the early 1920s, starting in demolition, expanding into Environmental Abatement in 1989. 

Our services include Asbestos and Mold Abatement + Clean Interior Demolition

Welcome to our NEW Website:SpectrumAsbestosMold.com. Our older website was called SpectrumEnvironmental.net and if you click on the older link it will take you to our New Site. Our New site clearly details what we are extremely competent at: Safeguarding your home, business, industrial or commercial facility from Asbestos and Mold. Our New site includes a large list of Residential and Commercial Clients that can attest to this fact including randomly presented testimonials.

Spectrum has successfully completed thousands of jobs of all sizes, from small residential to large scale commercial and industrial building abatement and clean ups. Our customers include insurance carriers, real estate brokers, managing agents, lenders, restoration specialists, religous institutions, construction/remodelling companies, government agencies, private companies and homeowners. 

No project is too small, and we have YET to find one that is too large. 

Our competitive pricing will not blow your budget out of the water! Reasonable comprehensive hourly rates available for work where lump sum pricing would not be cost effective. 

We pride ourselves on completing our jobs on time and within budget and we can assure minimal disruption to occupied facilities. ASK our clients and cutomers.

Air quality is monitored by an independent third party as required by law for asbestos related projects. We follow the same practices for Mold pojects to prevent any conflict of interest. We use completely independent third parties, not affiliated companies.

Full compliance with all Federal, NY State, NYC local laws,Connecticut Regulations and licenses and continuing education of our management to be aware of all changes in regulations. Our Asbestos Handling License and our Home Improvement License are available for your review.

For your protection please review our Privacy Policy.

One of the finest asbestos liability insurance policies available with 1 million dollars of occurrence liability with higher coverages available and naming our clients as additional insureds.

Upon completion of our services we are certain your home or your facility will be safe from Asbestos & Mold and we will come back, if necessary, whatever number of times it takes, to guarantee this!