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By law, in order to protect you the consumer, a company cannot both TEST the location and PERFORM the Asbestos Removal work for a customer on a given project. A separate Testing company will test the materials for you and provide you with a report of the findings.

Then, Spectrum will come to your location and provide you with an Estimate to eliminate the Asbestos and explain what will be involved from beginning to end. Next,The Spectrum Team will come to your location, remove it, secure it and dispose of it completely!

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in its June 2006 report that, "excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials can cause adverse health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mold or the extent of contamination."

As public health professionals, Spectrum is anxious to help you understand the complexities of mold removal. As Westchester, Rockland, Orange & Putnam County's leading Mold Removal Professionals, we know we can help you make what you thought was a difficult problem quite easy. 

Please review Spectrum's FAQ page where you will find extensive information on Mold, how it can be removed and how to protect yourselves and your family. 

This might be an over-expressed statement, yet we try to stand by it every day: There is NO job "Too Small" and we haven't yet found one to be "Too Large!"

  • We enclose the work area with 6-mil-Polyethylene-Sheeting.
  • This includes closing all the air vents and any openings we see in the floors or ceilings.  
  • We then set up negative air machines which turn over the air throughout the work area every 15 minutes, so air in the work area is constantly being cleaned.  
  • All debris is either placed into contractor bags or wrapped in plastic and removed from the site EACH day until we have fully completed the Clean Interior Demolition..

We are very successful at this. Our testimonials and referrals will attest to it. And our People are the Key!

For a Free Estimate and detailed Evaluation call (914) 377-0285 or (845) 623-1344 or contact us via our Website